Build up your Brand. Re-position your Company. Launch a New Product.

Basis is your vision. Understanding your business goals, together we analyze the initial position of your organization. The SWOT analysis selects and assigns the recognized facts to the following criteria: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The subsequent target-performance comparison identifies the public relations challenges. The communication goal, target groups and PR message are the key components for the conception that leads to explicit means for implementing the tactical planning.

Develop Your Vision.

Have you lost your company vision or does it not suit the actual market situation and demands anymore? The vision is essential as inherent motivation to team up employees and drive the success of the organization.

SWOT Analysis

Starting out with an analysis of the current condition, the SWOT analysis intends to identify the key internal and external factors seen as significant to achieving an objective. It evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization, product, place, industry, or person.

Target Comparison

With the present status available, future objectives and the ideal situation are set and designed. The comparison of the current performance with the targeted direction generates the necessary communication messages, means and measures.

Communication Strategy

The communication scheme derived from the public relations strategy provides steps and methods to achieve the superior target of the organization. These include the positioning with key messages, communication instruments and channels, project plans with timetable, budget overviews, implementation means, as well as response analysis and controlling.

Let us get started with challenging your corporate vision.

Media Relations

Partner with the Media. Inform about New Products. Impress with your Expertise.

Through media relations, I work with your target media in order to inform your customers, prospects, and multipliers of your corporate business and products. The aim is that you appear in a favorable, consistent and credible light. For positive and broad coverage, vibrant and dynamic content is essential. Based on your input, I make use of my storytelling skills and deep knowledge of the target media to wrap your message in content that generates interest. Readers profit from easy to understand editing of complex topics. The intention is to inspire, educate, inform, and entertain your desired customers so that they come up to you instead of you searching for them.

Press Release

Press announcements are the instrument to broadly update about new products and solutions, corporate and personnel news. Based on your input and according to your organization's wording, I compose the text of the press release. From the broad database of international trade media, I thoroughly select appropriate media representatives for the distribution of the press information.

Expert Contribution

In-depth articles about your organization's technology, solutions, personnel, or expansions have an enduring impact on readers. Thus, articles are supportive for your target audience to assimilate your message. My strength is to identify the appropriate media and special edition. Accordingly, I write up the suitable feature article, project report, technical article, or interview to reach your target customers.

Media Interview

One-on-one interviews with media representatives are a good means to deliver complex contexts to the press. A perfect opportunity for press meetings are trade show appearances. Thus, journalists have the chance to get insight and deep understanding of your business. In addition, personal phone conversations and meetings intensify your relationship with the press. This results in stronger interest in your business activities and broader publicity. After identifying the press representatives, I take care of all preparations and organization up to briefing the speakers and compiling documents.

Press Conference

Do you plan to announce greater business news such as expansions with new product families and business divisions, or success reports and financial results? Let us invite your target media to a press conference. This gives you the opportunity to inform in a detailed and comprehensive manner with presentations by several experts, live demonstrations, and displays. I provide the complete organization of the event along with the selection of date and location, identification of target media, invitations, composition of press kits and display, up to onsite support and follow-up.

Establish media relations and inform your target addressees regularly through the trade press.


Permanent Prominence. Generate Awareness. Communicate and Open Dialog.

A professional digital appearance is crucial for effective and efficient public relations. Websites are a must-have digital platform in the marketplace to highlight leadership and build brand recognition and trust. They provide value for customers and prospects, as well as credibility for your business and key executives. My full-service support, together with specialist partners, reaches from digital strategy and structure, copywriting and typography to layout and programming. These entire aspects fuse together to create an interface that facilitates easy access to your content and communicates function, besides featuring an appropriate aesthetic. In contrast to printed presentation material, your website is dynamic and in ongoing development. You should introduce gradual improvements and updates to keep your website effective in serving its function.

Web Strategy

Deriving from your business and communication strategy, together we define the purpose, goals and functions your website has to meet. This results in the structure, message, aesthetic and functionality of the site. The sitemap and content are set up accordingly with defining means of dialog.


The graphic appearance of your website reflects the web strategy and content. For the layout, I am happy to collaborate with your graphics specialist or rely on my business partners.


With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, I text your website based on your input and according to your target audience. The wording is easy to understand and compelling to study and dwell on for visitors. In addition, the content will contain all major keywords for best ranking in search engines.


The technical implementation focuses on optimized functionality. As your business interface, the site has to be most usable and accessible. Implemented techniques and styles need to be up-to-date, intelligent and focused. Besides providing full service, I am pleased to work with your service partners or in-house specialists.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your web appearance and improve attraction and functionality.

Social Media

Go into Digital Conversation. Update your Customers. Interact with Prospects and Influencers.

The impact that social media has on your organization is to be examined to adapt or develop the digital communication plan according to your marcom strategy. There are numerous platforms reaching from social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Xing, over blogs and microblogs including Tumblr and Twitter, up to content communities like Flickr and YouTube. It is to research and determine how best to capitalize on the benefits of a smart digital and social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy

Setting up the social media strategy begins with the definition of your main business objective and the success metrics. Next step is to analyze the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your current or prospective customers. The passion that appeals to the heart rather than the head of your audience needs to be identified. Upon these results, the channel plan comes to life.


Depending on the type of channel, various possibilities to interact with your audience are available. Social networking and blogging sites offer personal accounts and company sites with the options to post news and updates, join groups and participate in discussions, follow, like and share other posts, etc. I provide support in creating and maintaining sites and accounts as well as identifying and initiating relevant groups and discussions.

Expand your organization's social footprint and enhance the public reputation.

Corporate Publishing

Avoid Scattering Loss. Persuade with Substance. Attain High Credibility.

Corporate publishing has great impact on customer relationships. Considerably more and more companies use editorially prepared newsletters and magazines for image cultivation and customer retention purposes. The more professional the medium appears, the greater and more trustworthy is its influence on the audience. Effective corporate media provide truthful and compelling content wrapped in appealing design and layout. Besides informing on your company, news and processes, corporate media offer a variety of dialog possibilities such as customer feedback, questions, answers, and inquiries.


The media conception has to meet the interest of your specific target groups. Thus, I assist in defining the matching structure, dramatic composition, content profile, dialog features, and layout.

Editorial Office

According to the editorial plan, I collect texts and images from employees, partners, editors, and also copy write or edit text contributions. Suitable images are chosen and acquired.


Together with graphic partners or in cooperation with your service partner or in-house graphic artists, we design a professional layout reflecting the objective of the medium.


For refinancing the cost for the corporate media through advertising, I cooperate with media sales partners.

Inform and bond the attention of your customers and prospects directly through corporate media.

Event Marketing

Communicate Experience-Oriented Concepts. Interact with your Audience. Enhance your Publicity.

An event is an ideal means to maintain your customer relations, present a new business idea or promote a new product. Through an event, you reach your target groups directly and interact proactively and emotionally.

Exhibition Appearance

Showcasing your products and solutions at relevant trade shows gives customers, prospects, and journalists the chance to personally learn about the features and benefits. Your exhibition correlates fully with your corporate objectives and a personal meeting makes your organization adhere to your visitors' awareness. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with media representatives. I organize your exhibit appearance, invite your customers and press, and arrange meetings at your stand.


Qualified exchange and networking among professionals are the essentials of conferences. Why not expose your expertise and position yourself and organization as experts of your business area by giving a presentation at a conference? I gladly provide support in identifying openings for speeches or award submissions including handling and follow-up. For broader technology fields it might be recommended to organize your own conference. I am happy to deliver full-service from conception over planning and organization to public relations and on-site execution.

Display your innovations in exhibitions and initiate public conversation and professional exchange at conferences.